Happy Valentine’s Day! We don’t believe February 14 should be laden with pressure. Instead, we hope you get to celebrate in a way that brings you joy with loved ones…and wonderful food. Here’s a proposal: instead of going out to a packed restaurant, cook with someone special. It’s a fun way to enjoy time together and create something tempting.

Here are some ideas for romantic, tasty ways to spoil the one you love, even if that's your group of friends, or your fabulous self.

Savor a Cheese Spread

A great cheese platter is both impressive and incredibly easy to put together. All you need is a few wedges of your favorite cheeses, some sliced baguette or crackers, and maybe some fresh fruits, roasted nuts, chutney, or jam to rounds out the spread. This Beemster Cheeseboard hits all the right notes: sweety, salty, creamy, and nutty, but it’s just the start—feel free to experiment with your favorite munchies and condiments.

Taste Paradise with Paradiso

Inspired by Italian cheese and crafted in Holland, Paradiso Vintage is bold and sharp. It’s a favorite for Valentine’s Day because each wheel is adorned with the image of baby Cupid and his arrow. Like any good love story, you’ll fall head over heels for Paradiso and its mouthwatering flavor right away. Paradiso’s smooth, firm texture makes it ideal for grating and melting—it’s incredibly versatile in almost any recipe. Or share a wedge with someone special, paired with a juicy, bold red wine.

Gougères: Happiness from the Oven

A gougère, cheesy and still warm from just being baked, is an exquisite thing. Its slightly crunchy exterior leads to a soft, light-as-air bite and a nearly gooey center. It’s basically a fancy name for a grownup cheese puff, and Paradiso Vintage adds the perfect savory bite to these crave-able pastries.  Plus the texture of Paradiso means there is less moisture to evaporate during baking, so these gougères puff gorgeously in the oven. Warning: these are impossible not to devour, so you may be wise to make an extra batch. Get the recipe here.

Beemster XO Cacio e Pepe

We love this elegant, romantic meal for two. It’s deceptively easy to make and guaranteed to impress. Aged for more than two years to coax out butterscothcy, nutty, Beemster X-O imparts an abundance of rich flavor into this creamy dish.

Beemster Crepe Cake with Ginger Honey

Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to bake this luscious crepe cake. Like any real love, it may look simple from the outside, but it’s made of many wonderful layers that come together to create something beautiful. This recipe takes a little patience, although we totally condone buying prepared crepes to save some time. The savory cheese lends a wonderful dimension to this dessert, and ginger honey gives it a lovely hint of sweet heat.