Celebrate Bastille Day with Beemster and French Rosé

In honor of Bastille Day, we’re pairing Beemster with France’s favorite summer drink, rosé. While all rosé should be crisp and refreshing—that’s what makes it the ultimate warm weather beverage, perfect for sipping all day at the barbecue, beach, or pool—bottles can range from bone dry to more fruit-forward and there are even bubbly versions to enjoy. This means there’s a rosé for every palate, as well as a wealth of cheese pairing options.

Provence, in southern France, is the heart of rosé production and home to beautifully pale pink wines that are typically dry and thirst quenching with subtle notes of strawberry, watermelon, and rose petal. The fresh, crispness of the wine makes it a lovely match for Beemster Graskaas, which is aged for just one month to preserve the creamy sweetness of our milk.

Heading north to the Loire Valley, many rosés are made with Pinot Noir. Though still dry, these wines present more fruit. They’re also bright with acidity, which is why they partner so well with firm, smooth and mild Beemster Premium Goat.

Because of their effervescence, rosé sparklers make an excellent and festive pairing for richer cheeses, as well as our Gougères made with our Paradiso Vintage. For special occasions, seek out rosé Champagne, but don’t overlook bubbles from other regions. They often have a lower price tag, but still deliver that essential sparkling rosé experience.