Don’t miss this video of our cows jumping for joy that spring has finally arrived and it’s time to graze on our lush grasses.

When spring comes to Beemster, it’s time to let the cows out and it’s time for Graskaas, the sweet, creamy, extra-smooth cheese we make just once a year with the first milk of the season.
After a long cold winter, our cows are restless and eager to get out of the barn and onto the fields, where they can graze on the lush, delicious grasses of the legendary Beemster polder. The cows are so happy, in fact, that they practically dance for joy, as you can see in the video included here.
We always believe that happy cows produce the best milk, but that is never more true than in the spring when our cows’ milk is at its absolute creamiest. We take full advantage of this superior milk and make Graskaas, a sweet, creamy, and extra smooth cheese that we age for just one month to preserve all that amazing spring flavor.
With its fresh, grassy notes, we think Graskaas pairs perfectly with other spring ingredients, such as tender peas and asparagus or strawberry-rhubarb jam on a cheese plate. It’s also a great melting cheese, so layer Graskaas atop ham and your favorite bread to make an open-faced sandwich.
When it comes to wine, stick to lighter options. Rosés are fresh and crisp with some depth to balance the Graskaas, while Vino Verde and similar whites will accent the grassy flavor of the cheese. If you prefer red, opt for a lighter-bodied option, such as Beaujolais and if you’re a beer lover, seek out brews with citrus notes.