Storing: If your Beemster is wrapped in plastic, remove the plastic wrap and wrap it in parchment paper or waxed paper, then loosely cover with plastic wrap. This 2-layer wrapping method allows the cheese to have access to air which it needs, as well as keeps the cheese from drying out and keeps out other fridge flavors. And if you have cheese paper on hand, even better.

For best quality and shelf life, store Beemster in the refrigerator, 45° F or lower.

The drawers in refrigerators tend to have a more humid environment and are ideal for storing your Beemster.

Serving: We suggest removing your cheese from the refrigerator about an hour before cutting it. So, close to the time you plan to serve it. Allowing the cheese to warm up is called tempering and makes cutting much easier while allowing the flavors to be more robust and nuanced.

Keep the cheese wrapped until you’re ready to cut into it. Otherwise the Beemster can dry out.

The rind of Beemster cheeses is not edible.

If using the entire wedge, cut off the wax coating and about ¼” of the cheese on the outer edge, under the wax. This part of the cheese can become dry or tough as it ages, so the amount you trim away will vary based on the age of the Beemster.

A nice way to serve Beemster on a cheeseboard is to leave the wedge intact and, using the tip of a knife or a fork-tipped knife, whittle rustic chunks from the wedge. This preps some pieces for eating, illustrates how to cut more off the wedge when the pieces are gone, and just looks delicious.

Enjoying: Beemster cheeses are very versatile. The variety of flavors from mild to robust give cheese lovers endless inspiration! Snacking, entertaining, cooking – to bring the extraordinary to your every day, keep Beemster in the fridge.