Good things take time. At Beemster, we respect the process. Our cheeses are never mass-produced and rushed to market. We go to great lengths to preserve the traditions and methods that are evident in every taste of Beemster cheese. Fresh cheeses act very similarly to a sponge, soaking up the atmosphere as they age. Cheeses almost always take on the characteristics of the facilities where they are kept during this maturing process. Some cheeses are aged on synthetic surfaces or stainless steel trays. Others are aged on fresh pine and other readily available varieties of wood. Paired with the overly sterile, sometimes “manufactured” aging atmosphere, some cheeses never have the chance to properly mature as time intended.

Our new cheese dairy, completed in 2014 and just a few hundred yards from the original location, ensures that Beemster is the international leader in environmentally ethical and artisanal production. Despite our eco-friendly upgrades we have maintained the integrity of our artisanal methods. Cutting and stirring the curds, turning and polishing the aging wheels of cheese; these steps and many more are all done by hand. The Beemster “hands on” approach gives new meaning to quality control.

The historic Beemster storehouses are replete with original wood fixtures and beams, some as old as 400 years of age and saturated with centuries of aromatic nuances. Beemster cheese aged today is a natural and perfect match to the cheeses crafted by our original facilities in 1928 due to the unique exchange of aroma, moisture, and atmosphere that permeates both our cheeses and the well-seasoned planks of our aging facilities.

Beemster matures on wooden boards that have been seasoned with time. The cheese is monitored for temperature, humidity, and just the right amount of signature flavor from our aging facilities. Beemster artisans know there is a special formula where time and attention combine to make perfect cheese. Whether aged for two months or over two years, no Beemster cheese is complete until it has passed rigorous quality control by our cheesemasters. All of our cheeses are regularly tasted and turned to be sure they are matured to perfection and retain all the flavor nuances of the Beemster legacy.