We are pleased to announce that our cheeses were recognized with 6 awards at the World Cheese Awards! Paradiso Reserve, our Italian-style cheese, won a gold award in the category for reduced fat cheeses. In the same category, Beemster Lite took the silver award.

We also brought home multiple bronzes, including Classic (aged 18 months) for gouda made before 1/12/2015 and Royaal for gouda made after 1/12/2015.

We congratulate our cheesemakers and our farmers on these awards. Our cheesemakers' expertise is evident in every wheel and each bite. But it's also the exceptional quality of the main ingredient - the milk - our cows produce that make our cheeses stand apart. Humane and conscientious care of the cows by our family farmers keeps the herds healthy and happy.

We are grateful to our team for their hard work and their passion in their craft.

This was the 29th World Cheese Awards with more than 3,000 entries from 31 nations worldwide. There were 266 cheese experts from 26 different countries who joined the Guild of Fine Food in San Sebastian, Spain to judge the entries and award medals.