Introducing Beemster Pumpkin Spice Gouda!  

It's officially Pumpkin Spice season and #AllThingsPumpkin are arriving. Including our newest seasonal gouda cheese, Beemster Pumpkin Spice. This is unlike most pumpkin spice offerings this time of year because it's a savory cheese, not sweet.

Featuring the signature buttery and nutty flavor of a gouda, packed full with the aromatic flavors of Fall - clove, nutmeg, cinnamon.

Best served room temperature - and even better warm, melted & gooey - Beemster Pumpkin Spice is great with sweet-tart and smokey pairings.

Try it griddled with ham or turkey, alongside raisin-nut bread or with a dollop of cranberry sauce or chutney. Just imagine it with butternut squash mac-n-cheese!


You'll also find that this cheese is perfect for autumn's harvest, like winter squash (butternut, acorn, delicata). Grate it over pumkin-filled tortellini or sweet potato gnocchi.

Brand new and nothing else like it - this limited time cheese will be gone fast so don't wait to get yours!