Looking for new and delicious ways to make Beemster part of your daily life? Beemster is now a partner with Between The Eats, a fun and energetic cooking show produced in Pittsburgh. Co-hosted by Terri Dowd, a home chef, and David Carmine, a professional chef, the show is a fresh spin on cooking TV. The dynamic team inspires each other with ingredient pairings, recipe ideas and techniques. They are both genuinely curious and enthusiastic about food with a playful spirit that's impossible not to love.

With their cooking from scratch approach and the wide range of recipes from simple to indulgent - and of course the cheerful character of the show - Beemster felt Between The Eats was a perfect fit to showcase the flavor and versatility of its cheeses from Holland.

Beemster's segments on Between The Eats will be posted our YouTube channel, as well as in our recipes sections.

Find Between The Eats on your local affiliate network and watch live!