The World Cheese Awards honored six of Beemster’s cheeses, including our Paradiso Reserve and Classic.

Building on Beemster’s long tradition of excellence, we’re proud to announce that we won multiple awards at the 29th World Cheese Awards, the largest international cheese competition on the planet. This year’s ceremony took place in San Sebastian, Spain, and was part of the inaugural International Cheese Festival.

While it’s always an honor to win, the World Cheese Awards are particularly monumental, as there were more than 3,000 entries from 31 nations and six continents. The field of judges included 260 of the finest palates and noses from around the globe, from cheesemakers and technical experts to buyers, retailers, and food writers.

Beemster was recognized in the reduced fat cheese category, winning the gold for our Italian-style Paradiso Reserve and silver for our Beemster Lite. We also brought home multiple bronzes, including for our Classic, which is aged 18 months, and our Royaal.

Royaal, a cheese that’s aged for four months and is served at the Royal Court of the Netherlands.

Winning awards is a great reminder of the incredible dedication and passion our master cheesemakers bring to their craft. Their expertise is evidenced in every wheel and every bite. We also need to recognize our farmers who take a humane and conscientious approach to raising their cows, keeping them healthy and happy, and ensuring we have the absolute best milk to make cheese that clearly stands apart from the competition.

Speaking of competition, this is hardly the first time Beemster cheeses have won awards. Earlier in 2016, at the World Championship Cheese Contest (WCCC).

At World Championship Cheese, Beemster Lite won bronze in the reduced fat category. Our cheeses have also been recognized by the International Cheese Awards, the International Taste and Quality Institute, Germany’s Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft (DLG), and Consumentenbond, a nonprofit that publishes consumer guides similar to Consumer Reports in the U.S. Here’s to many more years of cheesemaking and award winning!